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If you are looking for toilet mistress phone sex, you have found your new home. I am Mistress Mandy, and I love using pathetic submissive men for all forms of toilet training phone sex. If you are a toilet slave, you WILL worship and adore me.

I DO NOT offer photos on this site as per regulations. There will be no pissing photos or scat images- but I will paint a flawless picture in your disgusting worthless mind in a way that only a phone sex toilet Mistress can. Do not ask.

Obviously I am a no limits woman, as I relish in the power that forcing pathetic submissive men to drink my piss and eat my shit can bring. Bathroom phone sex at its best.

I do everything with regards to this fantasy. No matter how you describe things I will fulfill my role as phone sex toilet mistress- so be prepared to fulfill yours.


Piss Play Phone Sex & Watersports


Anything having to do with pissing in your mouth, watersports, human toilet training, yellow showers, and other forms of urine play will happen if you crave it. It is not complicated: I want to use your mouth as my toilet. I want to piss on your face.

This is humiliation, extreme degradation phone sex- or it is a privilege and gift that only a toilet mistress can bestow.

Scat Phone Sex & Brown Showers

Sometimes watersports phone sex is not enough. You need more. You need scat phone sex.

So often craved, but so consistently denied- scat phone sex with toilet Mistress Mandy will finally fulfill your degradation. Brown showers phone sex, so graphically described for my human toilet. Human toilet slave training as I shit in your mouth and dare you to cum.

Seriously twisted, but it is such a privilge when Mistress shits in your mouth. You are unworthy, but I will gift you anyway. You will tribute in return.



Menstrual Fetish Phone Sex

Let your tounge be my tampon. Let me bleed all over your face. Your mouth is my pad. Lick me clean. Earn your wed wings, and I will indulge you as I see fit.

Forced Cum Consumption

Sometimes, for you men who crave thick loads from stables of men, the gifts of Mistress are simply not enough. You are not satisfied until you have a belly full of cum, and degradation to match it. Don't worry- we can take your slave training further by inviting cum shooting cocks for you to lick clean. I adore dessert, and you will too with a forced cum consumption phone sex call.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex & Human Ash Tray Training



Mistress' mouth has wrapped her lips around the cigarette; her lipstick is still pressed to it. The smoke swirls around your face, but you are unworthy of anything but the flick of ashes gone straight to your mouth. If you are a smoking fetish phone sex lover who craves submission though a human ashtray phone sex call, I can also offer and fulfill.

I enjoy teasing, tempting, and using you- if you are so lucky.

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